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MAGUS - Conceptual Art & Pitch

Conceptual art and pitch for original series MAGUS.


A world where magic and sorcery live side-by-side with political wars and international intrigue.

Olissipo and Tangoy City, rival mega-cities and the biggest military and economic superpowers known, are on the brink of confrontation after ten years of a thin and frail peace treaty.

News that Tangoy City might be enslaving part of the population of Cale, a small but rich city, force the apprehensive Olissipian leaders to send a special black-ops team to investigate the situation and try to maintain peace.

The team, consisting of Ornot Faber, Yoji Shinkawa, Hannah and Dunan, finds itself in the middle of a web of conspiracy, deceive and betrayal, where nothing is what it seems and everyone has second intentions. To the find the truth, they will suffer greatly and sacrifice everything they believe in.

Ornot Faber – Powerful wizard, fought countless battles and won many wars. Currently a master professor in the arts of black magic, he accepted the job to lead the special team as a favor to his friend, the Olissipian Governor.

Yoji Shinkawa – A war hero and a legend among the army, extraordinaire swordsman, fought under Ornot’s command during the Great War against Tangoy, leading his unit to crucial victories. He and Ornot have been great friends since they know each other.

Hannah & Dunan – The first female soldiers to serve on Shinkawa’s unit, they stuck with him for many years, eventually becoming very close to him and Ornot. They seem to share a close relationship, but its nature is unclear.

Bathalda – A small creature, from a strange race, which they will meet along the way. He knows Cale’s territory like no other and he’s crucial to their plans, but seems to keep getting into trouble.

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