segunda-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2009

After the End

An illustration made for "Darksiders: Your Last Days" Contest, held at Deviant Art. After the Apocalypse, a few men crawl out of their shelters to look for survivors and to see what was left after The End came. The enginner on the right is trying to find any kind of signal to communicate through his device; the two scientists on the middle, walking away, are going to explore a bit; the man on the left his helping the leader of this community getting out; the leader is dying and wishes to see the surface once more before passing away.

Red Sonja Samples

A three page Red Sonja Sample.

Invincible Action Scene

An "Invincible" action scene I just made for fun. "Invinvible" is a great book created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker.


Drawing comission.

Wolverine Samples

A couple of pencilled sample pages of Wolverine.

domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2009

Spider-Man Samples

A Spider-Man sample. I had an original idea for a Spider-Man story set twenty years in the future, after a huge war has taken place. These are some pages I drew to show the mood of the story.

"Ron Felder" pages

A couple of pages from the first chapter of "Ron Felder" (pages 1 and 2).

Cover from "Ron Felder"

Cover from "Ron Felder", an original comic creation.


Cover from an original comic.

The Great Twentieth

Short story for Amadora Comic Con 2009 contest.